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ByStef is a capsule covering multiple activities of the Dutch based interior and graphic designer, interior stylist and artist, Stef.

She is a passionate creator who started her creative journey as a young girl unconsciously. Growing throughout the years she became more aware of her talents and gradually started to explore her interests with an open mind to anything artistic that caught her interest. With a career and journey which went from science to design and art, there was always a recurring theme with the moto's 'I want to create from nothing to something in free spirit' and 'the sky is never the limit'.

With that in mind she touches multiple areas in her work including interior design, graphic design, tech and art, with real estate as the core that ties everything in.

Welcome to ByStef!

The Sky Is Never The Limit


Interior Design & Styling

Discover our stunning luxury interior design projects that combine elegance, functionality, and impeccable taste.


NFT: Digital Art


Explore her collection of unique art pieces that add a touch of sophistication and creativity to any space.

About The Collection

Truth Potion is a project created by the artist ByStef. The artist, Up close and real: “The collection was initiated after a conversation with my son about growth and life journey. I was lucky to capture his enthusiasm and fascination and therefore gave him free hand to completely customize 3 unique single pieces. A true collaboration with NoahL! It’s about the truth of the bitter and sweet, the good and bad. All these emotions are energy-in-motion which are represented in our world of duality, a natural thing we come across in life. Emphasizing duality, there’s a left and right piece to form a complete set (except NoahL’s). I was inspired by the journey, the reality, the masks and glitches, a hint of which was lightly translated into catchy vibrant colorful pieces. With this collection I’m giving collectors a peek of that conversation which some pieces hold. I hope they are inspired to embrace their path, no matter the impact of their emotions, to be open for their inner growth and to take it as a gift that life gave us.”

Collectors with multiple pieces may hold a chunk of the poem, but the odds to hold the whole poem is very small. It’s scattered, because we share! Traits: The colors, aligned or bold, are emphasizing the sauce of the potion, the so called vibe. The glitch represents imperfections, because nothing is perfect…embrace it! Every piece carries emotion or nostalgia, which may resemble yours or can be received as a hint. Hence the traits, which are: name, potion, skin, expression, poem and jewel level. Nevertheless, within the emotion being expressed, the viewer may see whatever they make out of it, it’s their own interpretation. So remember…tears can be sweet too, like tears of joy! Enjoy and have fun collecting your set(s).

P.S.: “Thank you Noah, I love and appreciate your vibrant personality. I’m forever grateful for you being you!”


Providing a range of services including branding, story telling, visuals, website creation and more.

Elevate your business with our creative solutions.

Graphic Design


Fusion Interiors

It's All About Aesthetics

A subtle mix from modern to contemporary, mid-century, scandinavian, japandi and boho, inspired by warm welcoming luxury hotels. A fusion which provides an eye catching harmony. This fusion is the signature of her work. Besides the impeccable taste and elegance, functionality is a very important aspect.


Physical Art and Digital Art (NFT's)

Explore her collection of unique art pieces that add a touch of sophistication and creativity to any space.

Graphic Design

The Art Of Branding Is Here

From logos to marketing materials, her graphic design portfolio showcases her ability to create visually stunning and impactful designs.

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